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six essentials

Introducing the Six Essentials

Hidden within all of one’s inmost desires is the Holy One. Our impulse to actualize who and what we most truly are is from God and to God. If we wish to draw nearer and experience more with the Holy One but find distance or barriers inside us where doubts or insecurities constantly obstruct, there is a wholistic way to close this gap from the inside out. But it’s not a quick pill or a weekend seminar: It’s a lifestyle that our tradition describes with Six Essentials. Companions in our lineage who’ve engaged the Six Essentials with time and consistency continue to find their entire life display integrating the ordinary with the extraordinary more deeply, naturally, and spontaneously. 

The Six Essentials

1. Cleave to Messiah
2. Cleave to Tzaddik
3. Cleave to Community
4. Pray and meditate daily
5. Engage in gifted worship
6. Be kind and generous with all 

The Six Essentials in Daily Life

  1. Cleaving to Messiah begins in our faith in what God accomplished through Yeshua, and blooms in the awareness of Messiah within ourselves. There is no difference. Yeshua is the mirror of Messiah calling us into Godself.

  2. Cleaving to Tzaddik recognizes a living embodiment of Messiah with us, a kind of spiritual midwife for the birth of our soul. Listening to Tzaddik as to the Holy Spirit, we’ll come to direct knowledge—gnosis—in God.

  3. Cleaving to Community defends us from doubts or delusions in critical moments of our journey. As with Tzaddik, community conveys deep, spiritual empowerments to us. With each other, we grow, and actualize who we most truly are in God.

  4. Secluding ourselves in daily prayer and meditation with God is as necessary and nurturing as hygiene. Daily self-care for our soul remembers and reintegrates all circumstances and cycles of our life are in God.

  5. Worshipping the Holy One together in community calls upon all of our imagination and creativity to be playful and Spirit-filled. It opens the opportunity for powerful moments in the holy light and spirit of God.

  6. Being kind and generous with all expresses God’s presence in this world. When we're kind and generous, we become the answer to others’ prayers. To be compassionate and generous is how we actively embody the awareness of our unity in God.

These simple, Six Essentials guarantee an active mystic in career, partnership, family, friends, pastimes, and community, the full life abundant promised by Messiah (John 10:10). Weaving every layer of who we are as we are in God comes swiftly and surely through the practice of these Six Essentials. By them, we find the balance within ourselves of heaven and earth, soul and body, and life and world, all from God, in God, and with God. Praise God!

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