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three roots

Introducing the Three Roots

In our experience, God is within and ever beyond. God is immanent and transcendent. With regards to our selves, there’s the need to recognize the immanence, the immediacy of God with us—Emanuel. The Three Roots help us recognize and realize this remembrance of being in the Holy One. In the gnostic view of the gospels, this is the very purpose of the coming of Messiah. 

The Three Roots

1. Remember the Holy One is always with you
2. Set your mind on those things that are above
3. Remember your transcendence, your innate oneness with Messiah in God 


The Three Roots in Daily Life

  1. Remembering that the Holy One is always with you assures in difficulty and challenges—I am with you always, to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20)— everywhere, in every personal state and circumstance you can imagine. While I'm happy? Yes. While I’m unhappy? Yes. In traffic? Yes. In the flow? Yes. Again, if God is not here, then God is nowhere. If not now, then never. This is the first root.

  2. Setting our mind on those things that are above, not [always] on things that are on earth (Colossians 3:1), is a continual shift into the bigger picture of faith. Remember that verse in scripture we just read? Or a teaching we recently heard? Or how does observing this circumstance at work reflect the truth of the energy dimension? Rather than always looking at life, we can practice seeing God through life. This is the second root.

  3. Remembering our transcendence holds the lasting view of our impermanence: I come to an end; I am still with you (Psalm 139:18). We are more than our life and appearance. Just as the One is concealed and revealed, so are we as we are in the One. We are in and not of this world. This, our innate oneness in God, is the third root.

The One is here and now: We are here and now. The One is ever beyond: In the One, we are transcendent of this world. The bigger this picture we can hold throughout the day, the more it will influence our life on the ground. Remembering we are transcendent of this world empowers our audacity to act in and for this world. With time and consistency, practicing these Three Roots will reveal the wisdom to which Tau Malachi often points: “The greater the expansion of consciousness beyond the body, the greater the influx of consciousness into the body.”

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