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perfect success

Co-creating with God

All desires are from the Holy One. Nothing’s too large or apparently mundane. All of Creation proves this every moment. If a true desire arises from within you and is important to you, then it's important to the Holy One also. Do you trust this, that what’s important to you is important to God? Any doubts in this will be surfaced in its process of manifestation. We are all co-creating with the Holy One all of the time, but few are conscious of how. Let’s imagine more with God, for whom Yeshua said, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). The more honest you are about this true desire, the more force it will move into manifestation. 

In God, there is no gap between heaven and earth, or spiritual and material reality. They are one fabric. Mystics and gnostics have closely observed heaven and earth, how the Holy One continually generates from nothingness all the fullness of life, diversity, and interdependence. Being made in the image and likeness of the Eternal One means that we participate with God as co-creators. To do so consciously, Our tradition has essentialized the mystery of manifestation in five steps called Perfect Success. 

The Five Steps of Perfect Success

1. Speak your intention: “I will _______!”
2. Offer your intention to God
3. Engage your intention with the full spectrum of your energy

4. Dissolve any obstructions to your intention within yourself

5. Manifest your intention in oneness with God 

An Example Applying Perfect Success

1. “I will find fulfilling work!” 

2. “Holy One, I invite and welcome you into my intention to find meaningful work. I wish to earn better money and benefits doing something that challenges me to make a positive difference for others. Please receive my intention and give me wisdom to manifest it.” 

3. Thoroughly research this career. Apply to every opening, even if it’s farther than imagined. Go to events and fairs related to this career. If trainings or certifications are needed, complete these. Network with people already in this field. Buy new clothes for this work. Take every interview. This is your primary focus for as long as necessary. 

4. Employers aren’t calling back. You might begin to doubt you’re qualified or worthy. All of it begins to feel too competitive. Reasons against you get louder in your head. But be honest in prayer. Find the barriers to this within yourself without blaming others or outside circumstances in any way. Instead, ask God to show you the doubt or any barriers in yourself and root it out with gratitude, and even humor. 

5. Act from God, with God, in God. Step up. Do it. Mean it. Your true desire is from the Holy One. Trust the Holy One is with you and acting through you to manifest your desire. Let the interview be in God. Let the communication with others before and after be in God. Pervade the entire process with the presence and awareness of God. Find in this how the Holy One is drawing nearer to you as you draw nearer to the Holy One. Go with God and in God. 

Companions of our community have engaged Perfect Success with every healthy desire, from mastering a skill, or finding partnership, to seeking a vision from God with spiritual gifts. There is no true desire that the Holy One will not manifest through Perfect Success!

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