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An Integral Model of Reality

While it is not possible for human language to completely describe all of reality, a mystical vocabulary can prepare the heart and mind for the whole experience of God’s immanence. Unlike mainstream Christian theology founded on language, Kabbalistic theosophy is founded on creation and the experience of reality as it is. Mystics and gnostics fathom the scripture and Kabbalah for its reality in creation. They call this the Work of Creation, which contemplates: How did God and the universe come to be knowable? How did humanity ever become aware so as to seek God? To experience the answer for ourselves, we must understand the universes—the olamot—in which we're embedded. 


Introducing the Five Olamot

To begin, Kabbalah proposes not one, but five universes or dimensions. They are : 


Adam Kadmon: Atzilut: Beriyah: Yetzirah: Asiyah 


For each of these five universes, there are respective qualities: 


Primordial : Supernal: Spiritual: Astral: Physical


Adam Kadmon: The Primordial Universe: 

This universe is an incomprehensible singularity.


Atzilut: The Supernal Universe: 

This universe corresponds with the non dual reality of infinite light, the Light Continuum, the “Pleroma,” or “Divine Fullness,” of light. Atzilut manifests as the Names of God and divine personifications.


Beriyah: The Spiritual Universe: 

This universe of spiritual light is the inmost manifestation of separation or duality. Beriyah manifests as cosmic forces: archangels, great archons, and arch-demons. 


Yetzirah: The Astral Universe: 

This universe of astral light is the manifestation of greater separation or duality. Yetzirah manifests as orders of angels, archonic forces, demons, and all manner of divine, admixed, and evil spirits.


Asiyah: The Physical Universe: 

This universe of physical light is the outermost manifestation of separation or duality. Asiyah manifests as all physical existence, as well as elemental and celestial spirits, and reaches into the world of spirits in the astral.


Our Creative Process

By way of the same process the Holy One creates, we create. Anything we've manifested in this world moves through an array of inner dimensions, universes within us. We only have to consider the most subtle, silent intention that becomes a formless thought. As thoughts grow into words and images, we speak and act. Being made in the image and likeness of Elohim means that we co-create with Elohim. The five parts of our soul—inmost to outermost—mirror these five universes—inmost to outermost. We are a microcosm of the Holy One's macrocosm.

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