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high days

The Path of the Sun

Great power meets us on earth in its dance around the sun in heaven. Unlike the holy days and saints’ feasts established by religious calendars, our tradition sets its eight most holy days in the path of the sun and the changing seasons. We begin our solar year at winter solstice and conclude at the midpoint after fall equinox: Two solstices, two equinoxes, and four quarter-points in between form the eight feast days of our solar continuum. Elegantly, each holy day in the solar year is mirrored by its opposite day in its opposite hemisphere: The winter solstice in one hemisphere is the summer solstice in the other. So rather than calendaring them according to the Northern Hemisphere, they’re listed below in a rough chronology of weeks for anyone to apply from their hemisphere. 

High Days in Our Tradition

Winter Solstice: The Feast of the Holy Mother and Child—We celebrate mysteries of the Motherhood of God, conceiving and birthing us in Messiah. 

Six weeks later: The Feast of St. John the Baptist—We celebrate the mysteries of the Tzaddik of the Messiah, initiating us into our gospel in Messiah. 

Spring Equinox: The Feast of the Crucifixion and Resurrection—We celebrate the mysteries of the self-offering of Yeshua, who revealed our life in Messiah. 

Six weeks later: The Feast of St. Mary Magdalene—We celebrate the mysteries of the Holy Bride, the Apostle of the Apostles, the Shekinah of Messiah. 

Summer Solstice: The Feast of Ascension & Pentecost—We celebrate the anointing of the first apostles, the royal priesthood in which we stand in Messiah. 

Six weeks later: The Feast of the Apostolic Succession—We celebrate the ongoing succession of living tzaddikim and apostles, the light transmission of Messiah. 

Fall Equinox: The Feast of the Apocalypse—We celebrate the mysteries of the revelation of New Jerusalem, the End of Days, and the World-to-Come in Messiah. 

Six weeks later: The Feast of St. Lazarus—We celebrate the mysteries of dying, death, and afterlife, praying for souls as they transmigrate in Messiah. 

The Holy Continuum

We follow no written liturgy for our feasts. Rather, we follow the inspirations of the Holy Spirit: The Continuum. Neither is there an officiant before a passive congregation. Instead, our worship is interactive and collaborative in stillness or dance, in silence or chant. Ceremonies such as our high days are each a gate into a revelation of the Spirit. Deep insights and experiences, even moments of light transmission, empower and ground us individually and as a community to be bold in the Holy One. We’ve never once replicated a feast. According to the needs of the people and land, each feast will bear different emphases from year to year. God is Spirit (John 4:24). Because we're free to move with and in the Spirit, we go within to feel the word and wisdom of YHVH—The Continuum—to guide our invocations and prayers. Carrying this year-long continuum as a community brings greater awareness to the cycles of our own spiritual journey on earth and in heaven in the Holy One.

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